Backed by over 60 years of produce experience, Goodbites is dedicated to providing fresh and healthy alternatives to traditional candy fundraising products and gifts.  Think of Goodbites as your neighborhood fruit stand and friendly purveyor of healthy treats. With continued focus on healthy lifestyles, our premium hand-selected fruit is sure to bring a smile to anyone on your gift or fundraising list.  In a time where safety and health are of utmost importance, what other choice is there?


Goodbites is the ideal trusted partner for organizations of all scopes and sizes. Goodbites offers a healthier and tastier alternative to traditional candy fundraisers. We acknowledge that obesity has been and continues to be prevalent in our communities. According to the CDC, obesity prevalence in the United States hit over 42%, disproportionately affecting women, children, and people of color. Additionally, obesity amongst adolescents ages two to 19 reached over 19%. (Source: CDC)


We are here to help combat childhood and adult obesity by offering only the best!  Our fresh product mix offers a selection of peak of season produce and heart-healthy snacks.


Gone are the days of door-to-door candy fundraisers.  Our online platform offers ease of use for both your organization as well as for your patrons.


Sign up with Goodbites to support your organization with our healthy fundraising programs designed to help you raise money as well as health awareness.  Partnering with Goodbites means gaining an ally in the fight against obesity!